Coming June 12, 2007: Thermonuclear Excuses

[Older post I wrote back in 2007]

Coming June 12, 2007 from Yisrayl Hawkins and the “House of Yahweh”: Thermonuclear Excuses

Over the past few months, a religious cult known as the House of Yahweh (an anti-trinitarian, anglo-Israel Hebrew names cult) has been spouting off predictions about nuclear war taking place. If you go to the haven of maniacs unchained (also known as YouTube), you can still see their wild predictions of “September 12, 2006 – Nuclear War!” including a message by their leader, Yisrayl Hawkins stating as much. Well, they were braced for it, but that date came and went uneventfully amidst the protests of their members that at least one nuclear missile had been fired (must have had a stealth device equipped). Their leadership immediately went into damage control mode, but fortunately had made a provision for such an event failing: They left a window of time for the event which they claim will kill a third of the population over a
quarter of the earth to come true. After all, they only said it would BEGIN on 09/12/2006, not end. Their newsletter stated that on the date they predicted, a ‘nuclear baby’ was conceived, that within nine months would be born (fulfilled). Here are some excerpts from their newsletters:

The nuclear baby will not end these wars. These nuclear wars will kill a third part of man (Revelation 9:15) over a fourth part of the earth (Revelation 6:8) in and around the great River Euphrates (Revelation 9:14). That is, the nuclear baby taking nine months ending June 12, 2007, will do this. What proceeds after that is four more months of wars and the worst pains ever suffered by mankind ending only in nuclear wars and earthquakes that will darken the sun. The nuclear baby takes approximately nine months to fully develop which leaves four months to the prophesied end of man’s governments of and by the people.
– House of Yahweh Newsletter, November 2006

The nuclear baby that will take nine months from conception to delivery to kill a third part of man over a fourth part of the earth in and around the great River Euphrates, started September 12, 2006 and will end June 12, 2007. The worst part of the delivery pains will be suffered around the time of the baby’s birth in and around the great River Euphrates with nuclear wars.

These Scriptures show the four horsemen who are of the four beasts are the four messengers (Quartet). The nuclear wars that were held back until September 12, 2006, which started the nine month nuclear baby, will be completed by June 12, 2007. Then four more months of nuclear wars, involving all nations, will continue until the sun is darkened.
-House of Yahweh Newsletter, January 2007 “The Quartet of Revelation”

Can’t get much clearer. This prophecy now officially has a deadline by which a third of the world’s population is supposed to die. But as we get closer to that time, I’m thinking there is probably some doubt lingering even in the mind of their all-knowing prophet, Yisrayl Hawkins. Even now I think he’s probably brainstorming what to say if this does not come to pass. Doomsday cults have a long history of doing this, for this practice is nothing new. They usually set dates, get really excited, watch the dates fly by, then rush to do damage control all the while losing any members who can think for themselves and keeping the ones gullible enough to swallow their spin doctoring. While I have not been gifted as of yet by the Lord with prophecy, I am from observation of the past going to make a prediction of my own concerning the leadership of the House of Yahweh (please note that this is not a ‘thus saith the Lord,’ but a ‘thus thinketh J.C.T.’): In the event that
June 12 passes by just as September 12 of last year did, I predict we are going to get a mass of excuses from the House of Yahweh. It is possible that they will give up their cultic ways and seek Yahweh according to the gospel of grace (let us pray that I am wrong and this happens instead), but it is very likely that their leadership will simply try to save face. So I have compiled the list of excuses that I believe they are most likely to employ in ascending order (least likely to most likely). Please note that not all of these are mutually exclusive, so a combination of them may be used as well. The excuses we’re most likely to see are:

#12 – Blame it on over-zealous members
Works for the Watchtower. When someone mentions that 1975 came and went with none of their prophecies concerning that year coming to pass, JWs will often blame people who misinterpreted their organization’s writings. I find this excuse very unlikely since their leader has personally and publicly predicted these dates. Though if they could find a high-ranking sacrificial lamb in the leadership to be the fall-guy, they might satiate the thirst for blood of those who have had their trust betrayed.

#11 – Psycho route
One way to get out of getting caught in a false prediction is to declare that it did take place — just on another planet or even dimension. This excuse is rarely used for obvious reasons.

#10 – Appeal to mystery
AKA the Calvinist approach. Caught in a trap you can’t wriggle free from? Just declare that it must have been mysteriously fulfilled in some way beyond our comprehension despite all evidence to the contrary.
It must have happened, Yisrayl said it would!!

#9 – Roll the date back even more
Has been used before, e.g. Miller’s claiming to have miscalculated because he didn’t use the Jewish calendar. They’ve already rolled it back once, it’s doubtful they would do it again, but one never

#8 – “It’s a test of your faith”
God tests faith through hardship, not by lying. Some people use this one anyway, though it has the slight disadvantage of making God out to be a liar.

#7 – When all else fails, spiritualize!
Yes, spiritualizing can get you out of a lot of trouble, so a prediction of worldwide disaster can actually mean some intangible event that went on in the heavenlies unbeknownst to the populace below. Judgment on the whole earth can refer to resolutions you passed at an annual board meeting. Nuclear war could be just a metaphor for your fiery message spreading over the earth and heralding the destruction of the apostate churches that stand guilty of the heinous iniquity of not being you!

#6 – Pretend like it never happened, never mention it again; if someone brings it up, play dumb.
Not really an excuse, but still a simple, concise, and effective means of avoiding the embarrassing fact that you are a fraud. If you never mention it again, newer members will grow up having no idea that you’ve falsely predicted the end of the world various times and continue to hold your founders as inerrant prophets
of the Most High.

#5 – Head in sand approach
Already used to an extent with House of Yahweh’s claims of a nuclear missile being shot off. More extreme members may shout, “A third of the world’s population has died!! I DARE you to disprove it!!
Can you count them?!?!?!? Huh?!?!?”

#4 – Lame, overly technical excuse
There technically IS a nuclear war going on right now with Iran, not with nukes being fired per se, but the focus is, according to some sources (we only accept credentialed sources like Alex Jones, Chuck Missler, Wikipedia…) is in fact nuclear weapons. There was also a large dumping of nuclear waste within this time period in Southeast Asia that killed a population of fruit flies estimated to be a third of the size of the world’s human population, fulfilling the prophecy of…

#3 – “He was just ahead of his time, so was Paul”
I’ve heard this one used to defend Herbert W. Armstrong. The excuse is that Paul thought Jesus would return in his lifetime. Paul may have indeed thought that at some point, but Paul never predicted that or claimed that God revealed it to him. He may well return in mine, but I’m not setting any dates.

#2 – Red Herring
They’ve already started using this one. After September 12 passed with no nukes flying, they started bragging about how much Yahweh had used the prophecy to give exposure to their ministry! Note: Popularity is not always a good thing. If you are widely known for giving false prophecies, Yahweh may not be giving you the good kind of exposure. God does not lie to increase your membership, and the fact that your group has gained popularity does not change the fact that your leader is a false prophet.

#1 – And the Winner is: Declare divine reprieve!
The Jonah route. Yes, you can blame God for your false prophecy while throwing out a scripture reference in a feeble attempt to back it up. Background: Jonah by the word of the Lord prophecied to the inhabitants of Ninevah that their city would be destroyed within a set time; the entire Ninevite populace repented in sackcloth and ashes before God and He granted them a reprieve much to the chagrin of Jonah who apparently didn’t like them. The moral of the story is that when God decrees destruction, it is possible that He will show mercy to those who repent. I think this is the excuse we are most likely to
hear, though it is untenable for the following reasons: For one, the prophecies in Revelation (which they claim are being fulfilled, Hawkins even claims to be one of the two anointed witnesses) have a tone of utter finality,

“And the angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven, And sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer…” (Revelation 10:5-6)

Secondly, God’s reprieve of Ninevah was not arbitrary, it was in response to their total repentance, which Revelation predicts the world’s populace in general at the time of the end will not do.

“And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk: Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.” (Revelation 9:20-21)

Knowing them, they will probably say that Yahweh granted a reprieve so that they could go out and win more souls for Him, or something to that effect. If this is truly the time of the end of which they speak (and make no mistake, it is) then this excuse is indeed not tenable. Their own newsletter in January of 2007 says:

We are in the time of the end, the last generation. But notice also what the Prophet Daniyl was inspired to write in:
Daniyl 12:10-12;
Many will be purified, and made white, and tried; tested; but the wicked will do wickedly; and none of the wicked will understand, but the wise will understand.

and closes with,

Yahweh is again calling for all religions on earth to repent. You are the cause of this great tribulation. If you will repent of sin, the world will follow and the problems will, after a time, stop. But you won’t repent, so you can expect these prophecies to come to pass.

The nuclear nine month baby was conceived September 12, 2006. By June 12, 2007 a third part of man will be killed over a fourth part of the earth in and around the great river Euphrates. Maybe you will start to believe then. For those who will believe, repent of sin and convert to keeping Yahweh’s Laws of righteousness, there is protection also prophesied. We await your call.

My Challenge:

I challenge all members of the House of Yahweh: If your prophecy concerning a third of the world’s population dying off does not come to pass, then do not make excuses, and do not accept excuses from Hawkins or his ilk! In the name of Yahweh the holy and pure who never lies, abandon this crazed cult and its false prophet leader! Turn to the God revealed in the scriptures (many of the Christian churches that you condemn preach His gospel). Do you believe the law? Then look at what the law says concerning false prophets:

But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die. And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken? When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him. (Deuteronomy 18:20-22)

Yes, if a prophet speaks in the name of Yahweh, and that of which he prophecies does not come to pass, then that man is a false prophet; a liar who presumptuously speaks his own words as if they were those of the Most High God. Yisrayl Hawkins has already predicted the start of nuclear war on September 12, 2006, which has not started yet; he’s predicted that it will be fulfilled by June 12, 2007, which I’m pretty sure won’t happen, and predicted that man’s governments will be destroyed by October 13, 2007 (House of Yahweh Newsletter, November, 2006), which I know won’t happen (there are biblical signs that precede that, but they have not occurred yet). Do you have the courage to be honest with yourselves? When these dates pass and the world’s governments are not destroyed, will you leave this crazy false prophet and his heretical cult, or just stay and continue to let him lead you on the path to hell? I tell you now Yisrayl Hawkins, you are a false prophet and a liar! Your words are not the words of God, but your own yammering! You are a well without water, a cloud carried about with the tempest, a viper, a thief, a corrupt tree! Repent of your wickedness and lies, step down teller of tales! When these dates come and go and your words do not come to pass, your shame will be revealed. You may scramble to find excuses, but there will be no excuses for you! Repent!

Members of the house of Yahweh, remember my words that I speak now: Yisrayl Hawkins is a liar who does not know God. He is a scam artist and his prophecies are from his own heart, not from Yahweh. When the times roll by and his prophecies turn out to be so much hot air, just remember that some Christians that you hold to be heretics warned you in advance. But have no fear, we do not hate you, indeed we wish above all that you would repent and turn from this false prophet and serve Yahweh in spirit and in truth; I for one won’t look down on you, for none of us is above being deceived, and there is not one of us that has never gone astray. I humbly implore you, when these dates pass, use the good sense God gave you and abandon this false prophet and teacher — or better yet, save yourself the trouble and embarrassment and get out now. The angels rejoice when one sinner comes to repentance, how can I do less? How can I not be overjoyed when my brother or sister who was dead comes home? The Savior is waiting with arms wide open.

The world is not ending yet

The world’s governments will not fall this year

Hawkins is a false prophet

Yahweh is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

In Christ,
J.C. Thibodaux

– March 5, 2007

Update: Looks like they settled on #7, the “baby” was spiritual, not literal.

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